Akhil Mulpuri,
UI-UX Developer

About me

I’m a front-end developer with vast experience of technologies such as ReactJs, React Native, Flutter, VueJs & I love building user-friendly websites and web apps, I enjoy helping people learn how to code. I also really like animating and styling with CSS & other styling frameworks such as Lottie & styled-components. Most recently, I’ve been building web apps with React and mobile apps with React Native & use providers like Firebase and Netlify to deploy the apps.

I’m currently interested in learning more about accessibility and delving deeper into CSS/JS animations.

I’m also into…

  • Scrapping the web for useful data (Legally 😛)
  • Exploring video game development
  • Write bots for chat apps like discord
  • I play lots and lots of video games and i'm a spotify addict

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